2010 PSAT - Saturday - Section 3 (Reading)

The following are TestTakers' suggestions for solving the Sentence Completions on the October 16th, 2010 PSAT, Section 3 (a reading section). (For help with the passages, call or email your Site Director. We'll be happy to help out!) Click "Read More" to view!

25. Clue word: "eager"
     Anticipate: "eager"
     Answer: enthusiastic

[fastidious (hard to please, excessively careful) is boxword 350!]

26. Clue phrase: "heal psychological wounds"
    Anticipate: "healing"
    Answer: therapeutic
[enervating (draining) is boxword 170!]

27. Clue word: "harsh"
    Anticipate: "harshness"
    Answer: severity
[arid (dry) is boxword 261!]

28. Clue words: "although," "somber"
    Anticipate (second blank): "somber" (sad, serious)
    Eliminate: (B), (C)
    Anticipate (first blank): "supports"
    Eliminate: (D), (E) (condemn = criticize, disapprove)
    Answer: supports...cautionary (warning)
[vigor (strength) is boxword 129!]

29. Clue phrase: "far less," "flout tradition and disdain conventional behavior" (flout = disregard, disdain [boxword 335!] = hate, conventional [boxword 45!] = traditional)
    Anticipate: "traditional, conventional"
    Eliminate: (A) [decorous (proper) is boxword 357, so indecorous means improper], (B) (intuitive = knowing without having been taught), (C) (combative = fighting), (D)
    Answer: punctilious (strict adherence to rules)